Best Flight Planner for MSFS 2020: Elevate Your Virtual Skies

Hello fellow pilots and flight sim enthusiasts! Are you searching for the best flight planner for MSFS 2020? Whether you’re soaring on your PC or navigating the skies on your Xbox, finding the right tool is crucial for an immersive experience. In this friendly guide, we’ll explore a variety of options, including free flight planner for MSFS, AI flight planner MSFS 2020, and more. Get ready to enhance your MSFS journey with the top flight planners that cater to your needs, and let’s make every virtual flight an adventure to remember!

What is a Flight Planner?

A flight planner in the world of flight simulation is a key tool for creating detailed flight plans, including route, waypoints, and altitude. It enhances the realism of virtual flights by mimicking real-world flying conditions. SimBrief is an excellent example, offering extensive features like fuel planning, weather forecasts, and integration with real-world navigation data through Navigraph, catering to a wide range of aircraft and simulators. Such planners play a vital role in making virtual flying both educational and immersive, closely mirroring real-world aviation experiences.

5 Best Flight Planners for MSFS 2020

Embarking on a virtual flight in MSFS 2020 requires the right tools for planning and navigation. Here’s a quick look at the 5 best flight planners that cater to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable flying experience.

1. SimBrief: Best Flight Planner for MSFS 2020

Overview: A comprehensive free flight planning service for MSFS 2020.
Features: Includes fuel calculations, a vast route database, weather forecasts, NOTAMs, and ETOPS planning. Integrated features in MSFS aircraft like the Boeing 787-10, 747-8, and Cessna Citation CJ4.

2. FltPlan Go: Flight Planner for MSFS

Overview: Integrates with FSX and possibly MSFS 2020.
Features: Connection to FSX, Geo-referenced Approach Plates, Taxi Charts, and Airport Diagrams.

3. Grand Tour Flight Planner (GTFP): Free Flight Planner for MSFS

Overview: Designed for ease of use in MSFS with VFR map overlays.
Features: Detailed flight plan creation, over 500 built-in flight plans, enhanced VFR navigation.

4. Little Navmap: Comprehensive Flight Planner for MSFS 2020

Overview: Open-source, feature-rich flight planner for MSFS 2020.
Features: Supports various simulators, detail-rich navigation map, flight plan editing, elevation profile window, logbook, and waypoint functionality.

5. Simtoolkit Pro: Advanced Flight Planner for MSFS

Overview: Advanced planner supporting various platforms and MSFS.
Features: Integrates with SimBrief, supports major networks, live METAR, TAF, NOTAM search, touchdown data, fleet management, and streaming overlay for creators.

6. PlanG: Versatile Flight Planner for MSFS

Overview: Multi-award-winning tool for MSFS, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.
Features: Map-based UI, supports IFR/VFR flights, METARs, Winds Aloft, extensive logbook, and supports Navigraph procedures with a subscription.

Conclusion: Chart Your Course in the Skies of MSFS 2020

In wrapping up, remember that each flight planner we’ve discussed has its unique strengths. SimBrief shines with its comprehensive flight packages and integration with Navigraph, making it a top pick for detailed planning. FltPlan Go is a boon for Xbox users, offering a user-friendly interface and real-time tracking. The Grand Tour Flight Planner excels in simplifying complex plans, perfect for casual flyers. Little Navmap and Simtoolkit Pro are great for those who love customization and in-depth planning. Lastly, PlanG’s versatility makes it a solid choice for both VFR and IFR pilots. Choose the one that aligns best with your flying style and needs in MSFS 2020, and you’re all set for a fantastic flight experience!